Cunninglus Pictures

What is the importance of cunninglus pictures? well, you will be amazed that many men do not know much about their women’s sexuality and more so, they do not even care whether the woman derives any pleasure from sex or not. Many people are puritans in mind and though there is nothing evil in cunninglus, many people, women included, think that this is taboo, repulsive and unimaginable. However, many people think this way out of … Continue reading

How To Perform Cunninglus

How to perform cunninglus and send your woman to the clouds is the best thing that you may learn this year. Many men do not know how to this and therefore they make their women too frightened to enjoy the venture. It is important to know that most women are afraid of letting the men between their legs because most think that men will find it smelly and uncomfortable down there. This is not the … Continue reading

Cunninglus Videos

Cunninglus videos are very important for you if you have never done it before but would like to give your woman several big orgasms with your tongue. The videos will show you how to start, how to ensure that both of you are comfortable with cunninglus and how to make sure that both of you enjoy it tremendously. If you feel that there is something lacking in your sexual encounters, then there is only one … Continue reading

How To Give Cunninglus

Learning how to give cunninglus the right way should not be hard. This is meant for the men but bisexual and lesbian women have also undertaken the study and you know what – they are giving their partners the best oral sex and sending them over the clouds. The good news is that any man can learn the basic, put them to good use and then make your partner contented in bed. Of course, the … Continue reading

Cunninglus Positions

Don’t even start thinking about the best cunninglus positions because there are so many of them and therefore you can try as many as you wish. Different people prefer different styles and therefore you may want to try the ones that you feel very comfortable with. Just because you saw a couple on video doing it in certain positions, it does not mean that the same positions are good for you. Therefore, the best thing … Continue reading

The Art Of Cunninglus

The art of cunninglus is the perfect word to describe this process because it is an art. You must keep honing your skills everyday and you must start it right if you would like to end it perfectly. It is important that you first learn as much as you can about it so that you give your partner ultimate pleasure. The good news is that since this is a very popular topic, there is a … Continue reading

Cunninglus Stories

One thing that you will find in all the cunninglus stories that you will find here is that they are all full of praise for this technique. Many men are actually surprised that they like the sweetness, the taste of their women’s genitals so much that they cannot help it but go down with their mouths whenever they are making love. On the other hand, many women agree that this is the best and the … Continue reading

How To Cunninglus

How to cunninglus is important for both man and woman. Perhaps this is the spice that most relationships lack and therefore learning how to do it will give them the ultimate pleasure and spark that they need to bring the chemistry alive again. Most couples find it hard to break the barriers surrounding the oral sex for women. If the truth is told, the men are more reluctant to venture down there because most women … Continue reading

Cunninglus Video

Cunninglus video is what you need to add some spice to your relationship. This is what you need to make sure that you know a few tips and tricks about making your woman very happy. The good news is that it need not be hard at all but if you have never done it before, you will have to learn as much as you can about it. If your partner is to adventurous in bed, … Continue reading

How To Give Good Cunninglus

How to give good cunninglus is every man’s wish. However, this does not just happen but it takes some hard work, practice and learning to perfect the science of cunninglus. The main objective of eating a woman’s pussy is to drive her to orgasm because in many cases, the standard ways of having sex do not drive the woman to orgasm. The good news is that you will eventually do that even if you are … Continue reading