Cunninglus; Which Woman Doesn’t Like Being Eaten Out?

Ask any woman how they like the idea of being “eaten out” and although they will shy from a candid discussion on this topic, most of them love this idea very much. After all, only a mere 15% of women experience orgasm from the traditional man on top sex. As a result, most of the women are not satisfied sexually and therefore there is need to explore this topic further. On the other hand, most men who have never done this before find it uncouth and dirty but the truth is that there is nothing dirty about cunninglus. To the contrary, most men, as soon as they start doing it, are exhilarated by the juices emanating from a woman’s vaginal glands.

It is very important for couples to try oral sex. One thing that people should understand is that there is nothing evil about heterosexuality, no matter what sex style you use. By all means, you should get pleasure from your body, And that is why people are different from animals in that their bodies have got more glands, more feelings and are more receptive. Clearly, Sex was made to be enjoyed, and not for the purpose of procreation only. That is why cunninglus comes in handy to help.

However, most couples are so used to having it one way where only the man is satisfied and the woman is left unhappy but due to tradition, she cannot say it. It is important for the woman to initiate the debate about how she would be happier in bed if her man did certain things, touched her in different ways, and one thing leads to another and they start having oral sex. Alternatively, why not just give the man a big wonderful blowjob and then demand that he do the same for her? After all, sex is two way, it takes two to tango.

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