Cunninglus Tips

Cunninglus TipsThere is no standard template for giving cunninglus, but for sure, there are some good tips that every man can greatly benefit from to improve their oral sex skills. Cunninglus can be part of foreplay or it can be sex of its own. One thing to note is that arousing a woman is a complicated process that takes patience and skill. But once you understand a few basics (and what works for your partner as well), then you’re sure to give your woman some memorable pleasurable moments.

Firstly, the best cunninglus is not about the length of time one spends between a woman’s legs. Rather, the best oral sex is the culmination of a series of events. You should delicately prime the territory, carefully exploiting her desire to be subtly tortured and skillfully building a climax.

Fortunately, this is not difficult, provided you master one golden rule – use the art of teasing. When you deny a woman what she badly craves until the very last moment, you only push her to come harder. Instead of focusing on the obvious areas (the clitoris and vagina in general), concentrate on her whole body first. Hint about what you plan to do but then retain control of how much you give.

As you slowly whisper what you’re going to do to her, pull back her hair gently and lightly kiss and caress her ears. As you lightly kiss her ears, use your hands to lightly touch other parts of her body, such as the area around her nipples, her waist, and you can also make passing contact with her knickers. But don’t keep your hand down there for too long. Briefly grope her thighs and show some assertiveness. Show her that you’re in control. This way, she’ll not know what to expect next, so you’ll be building anticipation and it is great tip for arousal. This anticipation should take her to a point of no return, where she’ll literally be begging for more.

Don’t rush to remove her bra but unwrap one nipple at a time. Take your time with her breasts and don’t go full-throttle yet. You should just be teasing her and you’ll know that you’re doing the right thing when she pulls you closer. Kiss her breasts in moderation.

At this time, she must be ready for some oral pleasure. When you get to this level, hold off a little bit and begin slowly and gently. If she just got home from work or from a night out, don’t strip her naked. Leave some cloths on as there’s something tasteful about receiving oral sex when partially dressed because it creates the feeling that you shouldn’t be doing it. For instance, you can just pull up her skirt and flip her nickers to one side. Then slowly and gently kiss the outside lips of her vagina. Remember, your lips should barely tough her. She will try to spread her legs, but hold them close with your elbows.

Now use your flat tongue to apply some pressure in rhythmic up-and–down strokes but do this about three times. She will now be expecting you to go all the way, but instead, pull back and kiss her inner thighs gently. She’ll definitely pull your head right back in and this time, harden your tongue a little bit and split the opening of her pleasure spot to reach the clitoris. Start slowly and create a steady rhythm while alternating tongue movements. She’ll now be uncontrollable and probably scream for you not to stop. Continue the steady licks until climax.

Cunninglus Tips

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