Cunninglingus Techniques

Cunninglingus TechniquesWhen it comes to pleasuring a woman orally, there are two classic problems. The first is that some women are too concerned with how their partners will perceive their taste or smell, and so they basically get uncomfortable with the idea of receiving oral sex. The second problem is that some men don’t like the idea of dipping their faces between a woman’s legs. However, most of the issues that lead to hesitation can be solved by getting to know your partner better. In addition, good hygiene will go a long way to calming nerves on both sides.

The Basics

‘Slow’ is always the best way to start, especially if you’re not sure what that person wants. Without a doubt, it is a lot safer to rev things up from ‘not enough’ than to try and slow things down after crushing the moods. Just know this as a rule – when you start out very slow and gentle, your lover will get more excited from the anticipation. On The other hand, if you start out too rough, then she’s likely to get turned off by the whole thing.

Note that women are very different, and so you should always assume that you don’t know what your partner wants. Even if you’ve been with a string of lovers, it’s wrong to assume that they are all the same. You may be able to tell who is what and might even get a couple of similar lovers. But eventually, you will meet someone who is completely different.

Do not rush to go down on her. Instead, you’ll want to work your way up to it. There might be a few exceptions where you may need to go directly to the point, but the rule is to work your way up to it and it is true, regardless of how long you’ve been with your partner.

In the same regard, don’t start right away to click her clitoris once you get down there. Start by lightly kissing the surrounding area, which is extremely sensitive in some women.

Do not insert fingers into her vagina immediately. Most women like it when you build it up slowly even if she’s already excited a little bit.

One important thing to remember is that clitoral stimulation is best done with the tongue while G-spot stimulation is best done with fingers. Remember, handcare is important. The nails should be smoothly trimmed, without sharp edges.

When stimulating the clitoris, the licking shouldn’t be as simple as it sounds. You can issue gentle caresses when the tongue is soft or you can tighten it to give rhythmic licks with a somewhat pointed tip. You can do this interchangeably, tightening the tongue and then loosening it in turns. You can suck the clitoris with your lips wrapped around it. Just follow her moans as they will be a direct response of the sensations caused by your licks.

In all, the ‘better safe than sorry’ approach is the best when giving cunninglus until you eventually know what she likes.

Cunninglingus Techniques

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