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Cunninglus – Lick by Lick review

According to several research studies, the majority of women now claim to enjoy cunninglus (or going down) more than normal sex or any other form of sex. And so, it’s not surprising that going down is increasingly becoming more popular as more and more women find it more pleasurable. Also, this form of sex is becoming a mainstream form of sexual activity. In particular, cunninglus is becoming more common among young women (young adults and teenagers).

Women with high self-esteem seem to enjoy cunninglus more than less confident women. According to research, if a woman doesn’t feel confident about her genitals, they’re less likely to enjoy, let alone be willing to receive oral sex.

Women love receiving oral sex because it gets the job done. The majority of women can only achieve orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation using the tongue, fingers, lips, or any other soft object such as a vibrator. Only a tiny minority of women can achieve orgasm through vaginal sex. Undoubtedly, this is a controversial subject but, according to most sexologists, the source of all female orgasms is the clitoris. Sufficient stimulation of the clitoris during vaginal sex can also lead to an orgasm.

But cunninglus is more of a sure bet when it comes to female orgasms. The tongue is particularly favorite because of its softness and warmness. And with saliva, a natural lubricant, there’s no dry stimulation that can lead to the ‘burn’ effect. Note that if a woman gets proper arousal through foreplay, it becomes easier to for her to orgasm through cunninglus as her genitals become engorged with blood as she gets more turned on.


Cunninglus provides greater opportunity to reach orgasm. Women require steady stimulation in order to reach orgasm, meaning that the person giving the oral needs to be patient and go slow. Normal vaginal intercourse typically leads to faster orgasms for men from the stimulation of the penis while women need longer stimulation than their partners can last.

During cunninglus, there are usually less distractions, meaning that the giver is more likely to give steady stimulation. A man’s own impending orgasm is a big huge distraction to steady vaginal stimulation during vaginal sex. While giving oral sex, it is possible to stimulate different spots at the same time. Stimulating multiple spots simultaneously is likely to take a woman to a point of no return. The giver can switch to fingers or a vibrator if the tongue tires.

Even if a woman doesn’t achieve orgasm through cunninglus, vaginal sex can provide the final push for her to climax – especially if the sex position is one that stimulates the clitoris or massages the G-spot.

As women become more aware of their sexual response, especially with regards to clitoral stimulation, cunninglus is increasingly taking prominence in the bedroom. Needless to say, more and more women are now seeking men who know what to do when it comes to giving oral pleasure. Sadly, many men out there have no clue when it comes to matters of going down. Most men think that it’s a matter of licking the clitoris and that’s it. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The truth is that there are multiple ways to lick a woman’s pleasure spots and give her a succession of mind blowing orgasms. And if you’re looking for these innovative ways to pleasure your woman, there’s only one ultimate guide to teach you. Lick By Lick is the definitive guide when it comes to learning how to please a woman sexually in ways that will bond her to you for eternity.

cunninglus-3Here are a few facts; women love being pleasured in bed and they usually look for a man who can do that. The sad fact is that a lot of guys out there think they are better at it than they really are. They assume that since they are having a good time, the woman is automatically having one too.

While this doesn’t automatically mean that you’re bad at cunninglus, you could still use some quality instruction. When it comes to cunninglus, there’s a lot more than simply putting the tongue on her skin. So why give your lover a mediocre experience and push her to find pleasure elsewhere when you can learn all you need from one eBook.

Here are a few things that the Lick By Lick guide will show you:

  • How to help her get over the barrier to receiving oral sex and create trust in her to the point that she’ll always be excited and looking forward to it. Unknown to many, the majority of experts preach the wrong tactic when it comes to this critical point, so beware. Otherwise if you get it wrong, she may never let you go down on her again.
  • How to encourage her to clean up before cunninglus in a subtle way that doesn’t offend her.
  • Ten rare tongue techniques that will take her to heaven in a matter of minutes. These techniques are the ones that will make her scream out your name in ecstasy, so don’t be surprised when it happens.
  • The single most important thing you should prepare well in advance – leave this out and all your efforts may be put to waste.
  • The one big mistake that most guys make close to climax that usually leaves women disappointed.
  • The different types of orgasms that women can experience. In fact, women can have two orgasms at the same time – it’s true, and you’ll learn how to make this possible.
  • The single biggest mistake you could do during cunninglus and how to avoid it. It’s dangerous and most men don’t even know about it.
  •  How to pleasure a woman by stimulating another area other than the clitoris – in reality, clitoral stimulation is painful for some women.
  • Preventing STIs and staying safe during oral sex.
  • Ten cunninglus positions to take you both to another level, and much more stuff inside.

Simply put, there’s no guide like Lick By Lick when it comes to cunninglus, and it’s a must-have for any man out there that’s serious about pleasing their woman with oral sex.


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